Thursday, February 28, 2008

GDX CRDN WLP upside down cup or mini dome

AMZN took over retail at X-mas---In fact it's the only retail that's doing whopper business---i bet a lot of those entitlement checks get to AMZN too---
i posted recently to short AMZN at the 200 day and that worked---and well, now I'm posting BUY AMZN-AMZN MAR 65 / 60 or APRIL 60 / 70--AMZN has two pathways to 72 --one takes a long time 15 days the other is 5 days---
i think its going to be 15 days ---but i could be wrong--
200 day and then 80 = 200 day--is I dont know when---Its now a target price--the other target price AMZN is 106 --2008---
type in AMZN into the blog search box ( upper left hand corner) and blogger will find my other AMZN charts---for you--

WLP huge healthcare stock--wellpoint-- I think it's Blue sheild ?--
anyway here's another buy signal in the chart pattern---brand new to you ---very old to me---I call it the upside down cup or mini dome
The 72 formed the straight line and the price action over the past few days formed the mini dome or upside down cup---and today the floor of the mini doom got broken thru---WLP now at 70---that's usally the buy signal--the first day---sometimes it's day two and sometimes it's day 3---if on day 4 that sucker is still going down get out --it's going down 8 to 11 days in a row---

CRDN is a hot company---
The enhanced body inserts are able to withstand an AK47 bullet and the fact that the armor weighs less than metal plates makes it very attractive.
CRDN makes 5.65 a share---
Analysts had estimated earnings of $5.67 per share
in OCT 2007 CRDN was only expected to make 5.26---so the analysts are the one's that raised too much expectation in less thatn 6 month's time---that's pretty unfair to CRDN---CRDN will climb back fast---

GDX --I'm accumulating the mar 55 puts and hoping the gold stocks don't go nuts higher---I set stops at 55.6---
mining operations aren't genmerating any new profits---but inventory will show up on the gold EPS---trend---up 30% in 4 months or whatever---
NEM has large inventory--

EOG up $19 today--upped it's its oil/ natural gas guidance from 8% growth to 10% to 13% for 2009--

FWLT at it's 200 day---you better buy that fast---63 is goood price

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