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Friday, December 09, 2016

Ann Coulter discusses how Trump could ruin presidency

Republicans want the cheap labor, and demo's want amnesty for constant votes for a 1000 years---- SO, it takes a 3rd party (Trump), to take control, and make the country self sufficient again, so that then the country doesn't go bankrupt. This is why the losers (globalist republicans, communistic leftest liberal and the illegal and future illegal immigrants,) are in the 4 stages of grieving. ,

Sideways market coming

This extended Trump Rally , will soon turn into a sideways market, with the SPY, continually testing and retesting its 200 day, on the 15 min. chart. 226 is about where Q3 earnings, should have driven us, and it did---Now lets, see if stock buybacks, adds that 2% a quarter, like it,sometimes does. so, 226 +2% = $230, (I doubt we get $230)

Thursday, December 08, 2016

2016 - Immigration problems

If you can't understand why Trump HAS TO BUILD A WALL, watch this microcosm of the immigrant problem... After you watch some of this, the only viable western democracy answer, is to put a halt to ALL IMMIGRATION. Generosity in technically advanced countries, can only go so far,(50 years of building infrastructure for non-technical countries--technical countries can no longer pay a fair wage to its citizens, etc...).... AT some point, the generosity has to stop (funding runs out), and all the countries must start taking care of their own, the best they can.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Trump enemies

On immigration, Trump will be furiously opposed by: Democrats, Republicans, the permanent bureaucracy, the Chamber of Commerce, George Soros, The Wall Street Journal — in fact, the entire media, except four webpages, six bloggers and five talk-radio hosts

There’s a reason millions of Americans were showing up at Trump’s rallies chanting, “Build the Wall!” and not, “End Obamacare!” “Cut taxes!” “Save the Second Amendment!” Coulter: How the Establishment Will Try to Destroy Trump

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Another COG in how Trump got elected.

Most of the internet doesn't know how Trump, won. This was "one" part of the cog, ( real-time truth about the other side)---His video's trended number one worldwide, on youtube,(over 100,000,000 views), and anyone who was undecided, figured out who to vote for, after watching his video's. James O'Keefe at Restoration Weekend: "MSM Is Dead" James O'Keefe declared the mainstream media is dead, following the 2016 presidential election. Project Veritas Action, KEY GROUP in getting TRUMP ELECTED.

Monday, December 05, 2016

SPY 226 Dec target price.

SPY Q3 was supposed to be 29ish, but it came in at 31-ish ---or 5 to 6% over the estimates.... The Q2 high was 2-16 to 218, in July-Aug. adding 5 to 6% to 216 gives me 226 to 228.9 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SPY Q3 earnings were supposed to be 29ish, but it came in at 31-ish ---or 5 to 6% over the estimates.... The Q2 high was 216 to 218, in July-Aug. adding 5 to 6% to 216 gives me 226 to 228.9 (in Dec.)---- past 2 years, this method was within 1% of the actual. except aug 2015 dip

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Made in the U.S.A.

Sarah Palin isn't in this video at all**** THIS IS THE WAY TRUMP is bringing back US manufacturing and JOBS---

Trump Christmas

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Trump Talks To Taiwan

Ever since the US adopted a “One China” policy after the 1972 Nixon-Mao meetings, followed by President Carter formally recognizing Beijing as the sole government of China in 1978 leading to the closure of the US embassy in Taipei one year later and cutting off relations with Taiwan, when it comes to US-China diplomacy Washington has maintained a steady posture when it comes to Taiwan: non-recognition. That changed today, when as the Trump team reported, following nearly four decades of diplomatic non-contact, the president-elect held a phone conversation with the president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, who offered Trump her congratulations...

Friday, December 02, 2016

$K 9 month outlook----

Analog analysis----$K 9 month outlook---- a massive boycott ($TGT) that gained over 1.2 million signers (leftist), in less than a week. The resulting drop in revenue amounted to a $10 billion loss of overall Target shareholder value. and now Breitbart's boycott (family value's site) of $K, has gained acceleration 70k to 250k signers-- the last 48 hours--- look for $K lower current price, sideways channel , next 9 month's---