Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Max Keiser--(virtual currency patent holder) u

Max Keiser--(virtual currency patent holder) update

basic recap---china was unable to shut down its bitcoin people---(huge news), past 6 months.
and work arounds, flourished---so, next step is to replace (the point of failure, exchanges) with peer to peer, websites...
so, (o1o1 steemit username), when bitcoin reaches $180k, that will be 3 trillion market cap, or the entire retail sales, for the EU---
after that happenss, the gov't the gov't may want to freeze bitcoin, or force the admins to print more bitcoin, so that the central banks, can get their 2% cut, under the inflation umbrella---
so as long as bitcoin, increases the volume 2% per year, bitcoin will be allowed to expand from retail customers, to bank customers. as near as I can figure.

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