Thursday, July 12, 2007

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“Baker Hughes Incorporated said in a press release Friday morning it expects EPS of just $1.07-$1.09,
consensus estimates forecast EPS of $1.18 in Q2.”

thats a 9 cent miss, so this stock should be heading down to 79.2 or further along down around it’s 200 day at 73/74 i can try shorting BHI till it gets to 79.2 or forget that...I don’t like shorting OIH stocks.. and try going 79.2 ( hopefully BHI gets to 79.2 fast....If BHI fails at 79.2 ...then it’s definitely a buy at 73/74..

3*/18\20...thats my shorthand for a 3 month period BHI down 18 and up 20..

also the last time BHI missed it went so low, i never thought BHI was coming back up...

I can’t tell which Monday goes...Does merger Monday beat 76 or 77 crude oil....crude is on the that might hamper market gains on Monday...then on tues Earnings season...look for all indices to climb to new record highs...except maybe Q’s...SEE note on SMH..which failed at 40.6, just as channel match predicted...

so if Q"S are going to trade sideways though out the earnings season...then we might get some down days, on earnings news two buy the SPY ON THE DIPS>>>

So SPY might give back a little before next Tues....that’s when to buy SPY...

.but SPY seems sure to go to $158 or even $160...The s &P 500 have the EPS firepower to do it.....use AUG 300 or 600 dollar contracts....which today are aug 151 call and 154 call....a pullback of 100 and you use the aug 150 and 153 call...

BUY the JBX aug 65 call....revenues going up next year $180 million
SHORT AMT aug 45 put 1.60...looks good ...go for 2 bagger or sell 3.2 or higher...
SMH passed 40.0 target so 40.5 is next target to short sell....put in tight stops...
SPY has very little in common with Q" it might seem a little counter short SMH while SPY goes up another 300 or so...
NBR deserves 28/29 up $2 then down $ few days...or just skip the up part.... if NBR EC can beat street by 10 cent then later on NBR will go past $36 cap and back to where it used to be in 06...

UNG play the JUL 40 call anything under 1.90 or 1.70 get in >>>>sell for 3.00 to 3.80 and then turn around and short see UNG pits are mixed up....between summer heat for air conditioning and over thus the $3 channel....lots of volatility...YOU can also play the AUG 38 or 39 calls ....which is probably wiser because you give yourself more time ...

CSX puts aug 50 puts at 3.45....i hope CSX breaks down soon.... just have to see ....CSX has up channels of up 5 and up 8 so 43 +5 =48 and 43 +8 = downside is CSX makes it to $51..or increase in P/E...cause it doesn’t have the EPS at $ at $51 just makes for a bigger crash...CSX at $51 also = rsi 75 or happens....and CSX is part of the SPY SPY up and maybe CSX rides up Too....i see the aug 50 puts at 1.40/1.60 and i'm in....because $43 is the target price on the PUT...


  1. Z,

    LOVE the calls as always.

    What is your take on BRG?

    Goldman puts in a buy to distribute some prop stock, but NATGAS has a lot of room to move. What is your take?

  2. hey robert
    BRG.. first time i heard of this company...thought i knew them all...EPS trend is trending higher...
    price channels////..1 month up 10 then up 12 then up 14 1 month down 12 down 8
    3 months down 12....
    so any 11% pullback...that�s the new see this near the 50 day buy it,....won�t go below the 50 day...

  3. Z,

    Thank you for your take. I appreciate it.

    Would like to see BRG test the 50 day, but it may take some time. Will watch and wait.

  4. The SWC strike will end tomorrow. Watch out!

    This is a nice article written by Eric Englund.

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    And who is to say cold fusion is not real? A company called D2Fusion is going to release commercial products pretty soon. An average family will be able to use a cold fusion device to heat the house during winter. But it MUST consume palladium to make such a device.

    Believe it or not!

    Auto makers put tens of billions of dollars into a thing called hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. They spend the money and they used a technology which MUST USE palladium. Are they joking when they inject tens of billions of dollars?

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  5. hey JJ great articles on SWC,,,,thanx...zee
    I'll add SWC back into my watchlist...
    Hydrogen Fuel cells....those aren't available for a while...but Hydrogen carbeurator's for gasoline engines are going to be mass produced..this that's a first step toward Hydrogen highway...


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