Wednesday, October 24, 2007

S is for SNE, SPY, SNDK

I read sometime ago that sub-prime woes could be cured with a 0.50% cut in interest rates= the amount of sub-prime outstanding
So another rate cut on OCT 30/31 = total profit
And you can forget sub-prime forever

So where will the SPY end up dec / JAN 07
Well thomson says S&P Q4 earnings to top 9% growth.
So if I add 9% to 157.5 .. I get 171.67 = new high for S&P 500 next cycle.
If i take 148 = low and add 23 i get 171
Now go back to aug low
I take 136 and add 21 and i get 157
So it’s highly likely that SPY can manage a $23 price channel quite easily...
so 171 is not looney based on past performances...
And if any of you ever become expert at EPS guidance and forecast,
you’ll see bye and bye, that i have a 80% chance of being correct...

SNDK has a nice $9 price channel... Price channels are 80% wins, for me in a stable market atmoshphere...and i’m guessing we are in one...Beannie is screaming bloody murder, but beannie never gets these kinds of things right and he knows it...
He’s just made so much frikkin money the past 2 month’s he scared of the next mountain to climb.... been there done that...

SNE looks like a BUY NOW situation. Or at least start accumulating



  1. I enjoy your blog...but man, NTRI? With the ugly looking chart, you are trying to pick a bottom, and it just hasnt arrived yet...


  2. z,
    What to do with NTRI?
    Down AH....


  3. oozze
    i'm holding NTRI
    gets back to 27.2 fast
    this is the new high this cycle
    bt st 1 cent, that's all it had to do,
    all the bad news was already priced in at $27

  4. NTRI revenue missed by 5% so multiply that by 4 = 20%
    subtract 20% from 34 last high = 27.2
    = short term target price
    might get there tomorrow

  5. tb
    bottom on NTRI showed up in AH
    it beat street one cent

  6. NTRI After Hours: 24.72 -2.78 (10.11% decline)

    If it trades 10X normal vol tomorrow, and puts in a hammer, then sure, bottom is in..

  7. I hope you are right about SNDK.

    I thought I was smart writing OCT 52.50 just right before earnings only to find out I got the rug pulled out under me.

    It already broke tripple bottom on P&F chart on 10/19.

    I am hoping 36 will be strong support for this stock.

  8. So i just don’t get it, when someone complains about one of my mistakes, win there are 5 winners, that blow right past that...

    You could buy 25 shares of SPY QQQ DIA each and just walk away and sell in december....

  9. SNDK, isn't it very very coincidental that SMH is in total BUY position at the same time SNDK is?

    and well SNDK $40 might or not be the low
    but the 200 day = 47. so i'm at least guaranteed that 47 is the first exit price, and if market warrants, i'll most likely turn around and short at $47./49...
    AND didn't i post on OCT 11 do not play SNDK earnings...

    and OOZZE, next time i try to play earnings, shoot me....
    I'm 5 losses and one win playing earnings, this year...i wish i would just stop myself...

  10. AND my god, the hottest economy in the world...JAPAN and you get a chance to BUY SNE and you are balking....I just don't get my comment section at all....

  11. 2.4 trillion dollars, that’s the cost of the IRAQ war...translated, that knocked off two thousand four hundred points off the DOW, or kept it from going to 17,500, daily compounded, probably adds another 500 points, so 17,900....

  12. i'm just so livid about NTRI, can you tell?
    i did one equation on NTRI two days ago and $15 came in as the support....that should have red flagged me right there...
    but $15 doesn't make any sense at all, so I threw all that out....
    i'm just glad it beat the soon as it gets to RSI 30 / 33 i'm out of it...

  13. I got bitten playing earnings buying all the wrong stocks.

    Stay away from earnings Z!


  14. Z I would not buy SNE, well I am not reading the charts as much as their biz, their PS3 and blueray (at this point their biggest biz?) just in a losing race..., but buying SNDK

  15. i didn't even know SNE was reporting,,,just good signals on the charts....
    jumped up and probably jumps up all the way to my 2nd or third target price...
    i'm still P..Ode, about NTRI..
    i'm never going to live this down.
    It's one of the worst scrapes I have ever been in!!!
    what a toe stubber...

    i really like SNDK, the weekly 200 day on the weekly chart,,, well SNDK has never gone below that = 40.0
    and the weekly 200 day is sloping upward and is very bull bull bull signal...

  16. REally try to understand MY SPY chart....
    This really is the way to figure out where Q4 is going
    i've used this formula the last 18 months, and the formula works perfect every time


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