Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BEN at Congress tomorrow. More trickle up economy

DIA i see DOW at 131.5 = 200 day i’m backing the truck in...xmas rally starts..
might happen cause of BEN on thursday.( when the chips are down, don't count out BIG BEN, rallying the troops) might react positive / negatively to no more interest rate cuts in DEC...either way...i know this hurts oil prices and GOLD stocks for sure

BUT i think the market will react favorably to BEN at Congress
so dow goes up tomorrow...

PTR W% = 100 is a strong short sell signal...75% of the time

AXP IS NO MA...but it's a buy now situation, probably


z-stock said...

hey doc
good move on BIDU
i'm staying out CRDN till i see a white candle..then it's back the truck in
i also bought some VMW calls today
the NOV 120 call has the potential to go up 1000%...couldn't resist...

fortune8 said...

I think DIA can hit 129/130.

I totally suck and got caught in the frenzy.

It's written all over the charts. QQQ at the top of BB while SDS, DXD near the bottom.

I even bought QID, but sold out too soon. The momentum going down is as strong as it was going up.

Funny enough, the fertilizers are growing strong.

I am definitely going to pick up a few bank stocks, but I want it to start basing first.

drnova2000 said...

Hey Z

Did you sell your SPY put for a profit today. I saw it down over $5!!!!

Man Z you called it on the SPY!!

I hope your right about the market going up tomorrow. I want the solars to go higher. Morgan Stanley killed the earnings call. Looks horrible.

drnova2000 said...

Z so many red candles everywhere with huge mark downs. I guess you can pretty much buy any stocks cause most of them are pretty beat up. hahahahah

fortune8 said...


You want to see how violent the drop can be? Take a look at the dry bulk shippers.

Will the fed save us this time and how long can they continue to do that?

Anonymous said...

Beware the Hindenburg Omen, pilgrims.

drnova2000 said...

Thanks Z!!!
I'm making a so much money in 3 hrs on my VMW PUTS!!!! Remember I told you VMW would drop to $92. Now it's at $90. I just captured 40% all in days work.

Sold all my oil calls for a loss. Glad I did it and wished I shorted gold.

Hey you told me Ben would help rally this market today. Looks like it crashed it!!!! Glad I have puts and didn't trust BEN. My short indicators were dead on the money on timing. LUV these short indicators. They work well Z.

EMAIL ME !!! anytime