Sunday, November 18, 2007

FCX retest $91...107 short sell..
this is a beta test...and if im can look forward to many, many more strange short sell at...
its 1000 year old math / merged with 18th century math...and it seeems to be 90% accurate...what can i say>?

you remember how the dow went straight up after the 1/2% rate cut...after everybody got pounded to death...
well stay sharp
cause dec 11
you will need to back in the entire account in and walk away...sell in Jan...
what do you think/


Gio said...

Hey Zzzzzzzzz.

That's a monster sized strangle on the Qs.

What do you think of energy? I know u probably mentioned over at beannies, but i havent been able to get on there lately.

I think energy goes down ... oil goes down... time to buy airlines. CAL and UAUA! I've been shorting them lately, but I'm now out. UAUA gets a new high when oil <90, and holiday travel season strikes.

Oh, have u ever thought about using a spreadsheet to track your calls? I'm working on re-creating one, i'll share it with you. I find that the only way to have people appreciate your calls is to document it in an easy to see spreadsheet. I'm sure yours would be impressive.

Anyway, I'll c yah the next time i have internet access.


Unknown said...


I am looking at DIA 1yr Daily chart. This is what I am seeing.

200dma=132 means that DIA must hold at 128.



If we don't bounce, we are going straight to hell.

I agree with gio and I will put in my calls there with you. You can keep the XLS :) or I can if you want me too.

EMAIL ME !!! anytime