Monday, December 24, 2007

ESI, look at it one more time, see if it clicks

December 25, 2008 merry x-,mas..

People think the market is like chess, and they couldn’t be further from the truth.
The market is Tic-Tac-Tow
The market plays an O, and you had better know where to play your X.
The market has been saying it’ll place an O at IWM 80 and then retrace.

After that, The market might place the next O at IWM = 84,
so you had better be ready to place an X at 84.

Here's an IWM = potential 84 chart, based on the weekly BB13 bands...

New subject
JAN Puts, it's a necessary evil, to have Puts in the portfolio, overnight, when i Have calls in the portfolio , overnight...
So, i just try to get the best i can get, in an up market...
RYL might actually be successful....hahahha, and don't forget RYN, too......


NEW SUbject...

here's a second , different look at my ESI pick....maybe something will click in your head....I don't know...maybe you need two looks ...see other past blog for the other ESI chart....
My picks ARE ON FIRE...(i get streaks, folks).20 IN A ROW, this one is 21....

Here's another second look.....Part of a string of 21 winners in a row.(DEC)
CLB, first told you to buy DEC it is today, upper bollinger = 126..that’s when i’m closing out the last JAN 115 - 125 contracts...profits.=..unreal....

Here it is on DEC 18, click the link
CLB Winner, posted here DEC 18 blog, click here

partial list of other winners in the string
qqqq 49.5 , iwm 73 , ccj 37 then 35 ,rio ,pcu ,BAC, XLF , (twice)
some posted here, some posted in the comments section, and a couple posted at beannies...
some say impossible to current price.

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