Thursday, December 06, 2007

NO WAY IWM gets above $80

when you see IWM near $80...
if you have 25K in your account...I want you to buy 50K of short sells on IWM.....

IWM is a HUGE short sell ...SHORT the market SIGNAL at IWM = 80
If you have followed this blog since before AUG...then you know it takes 12 weeks for the IWM to get back above the 200 day....
Here’s the thing...longer term...i just wonder if IWM is capable of making back to $84.... probably takes till that gives you a clue about dec.....pretty good huh!!!!!!
yes---- I am the KING!!!!!
of this hill....


  1. Z,

    I like that IWM short at 80.

    I will probably scale in 80 and hopefully that is the top. 82 is also a possibility.

  2. If IWM's bid increases to 80 then buy 100 shares of TWM at market on SmartEx and beep. This conditional order will remain active for up to 60 days and may trigger as a result of a stock split or other corporate actions.


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