Wednesday, January 02, 2008

30/50 , I'll stick with those thru all this volatility

On days like these, I just park my money into 30/50 stocks like these----The first up day on the DOW and all these stocks will hit their 50 day-----
So, I'll just keep accumualtiong these stocks and sit back and wait, for a deadcat bounce on the DOW...

I'm also accumulating UPS---

I'm getting out of retail and airlines---oil is just too high----and with the FOMC minutes, = BAD---( they will cut by 50%, if they have too..!!..)---doubtful...----but the rumor is out there now --- so the Saudi's- also known as the oil pit guys, are bound to try a run at $115----whether they are defeated or not, is up in the air----

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