Saturday, January 12, 2008

Earnings week--jan 14---jan 18

MA –start with the FEB 190 call at 11.00—MA gets to 200 then call goes to 22.00—put in stop at 174---under 174---means market is going to test 165 or 157 = 200 day---
IF MA--At 165 buy the FEB 190 call --appx 5.90--again and hold---


Syna IS MAKING 07/08 2.02/3.06 and is growing 19% next 5 years so that gives a growth value of $38—so it doesn’t make any sense for SYNA to be under the 200 day = $40---so SYNA is buy now and sell at $40---or buy the FEB 25 and 35 calls---If, SYNA keeps going lower just keep accumulating those


I ain't nobody's fancy fool---

If you think MA is going lower---then
MA—long term straddle-(10 – 15 days)—
BUY 2 xxx calls and BUY 1 xxx put –
that way if MA keeps going down you stay just about break even---
and then —you can take the profits from the PUT and buy another call---
and as MA starts moving toward 50 day---you get profits----
If you think MA is going higher—then buy 1 xxx call and 1 xxx put---
Or do both---at the same time---

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