Thursday, January 17, 2008

DOW SUPPORT IS 12,000 exactly---

Q3 profits were supposed to shrink by 2.5%--but the latest losses at the banks probably make that 5%---Q4 is probably break even —Q1 is definitely shrink by 4% and Q2 is shrink by 5%---so I get 14%--total--

I really doubt this happens to the qqqq---
Q = 42--but the goal now--
is to just get back to the 200 day = 49---

XLE may not get this low all at once--
but the market is surely handing XLE it's hat---
this is a possible worse case scenario---

Someone has to post the worst case scenario---
so it might as well be me--- OIH--

FRO –oil shipping at double bottom = 36 buying FEB 35 calls----
here’s the thing FRO pays a huge dividend yeild ---
i think at this price it might be 11%---
Every once in a while I see a stock at a double bottom—
that signals a short term bottom to the market---
This might be the case with FRO---
At any rate—its good news for the other shippers---

Whoops---the chart says to buy the FRO FEB 25 call--
I meant the FEB 30 and 35 calls---

Bush says he will raise food stamp program---
gawd is he slow----
He goes down in history--
as the worst president
--( look at the polls)---
Oh well---
Isn't he the one that was court appointed?

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