Friday, January 04, 2008

a few 30/50

These stocks are probably 1 to 4 days away from going to their 50 day again....
I guess the reason the 30/50 signal works like this-
is because I'm looking at the shortest time frame ( 2 month's) ,
and the price action time frame I'm guessing gets shortened as well----

Once a stock drags down it’s 50 day into a steep negative slope, like these, it takes the stock a long time to reach the 50 day again---sometimes it takes a month, or more...

Here’s a whole lot more retail you should avoid / DON’T EXPECT A GREAT JUMP ANY TIME SOON---,
cause they have negative (30/50) signals—


Here's the title track to MY new CD--

on sale at AMZN

'''""""JAN 2008 """IS""" AUG 2007""""

HERE"S a chart of IWM AUG 2007

I'm not posting any buys today---for fear of losing my entire account--to this latest downturn---
I'm still holding AMGN,GR,GD,QQQQ,INTC,MCRS,MCD,
and looking at
ICE,CME,NYX,AXP,JPM,UBB—on the buy watchlist—

If i put in print , that the market gets a huge deadcat bounce on next Monday---
it's sure to --- not happen...!!!
so I'm not putting it in print----It just looks like I'm putting it in print...!!!
ZEE---BIG foot----
in my mouth,

The IWM may never get above it's 200 day ever again----Market is starting to price stocks at recession levels---

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