Monday, January 14, 2008

PBW---going in Style--

Usually I wait for a buy signal---but PBW---never has one---If PBW has a buy signal--then i sure can't find any clue about it---
So, I can only estimate--that PBW probably goes to $30--on the next run higher---
We'll see...

YGE major resistance at 36.02---and major support at $30---
Maybe that will help you to sort thru PBW---
When YGE near $30--buy PBW---
When YGE near $36---take some profits--PBW
keep repeating---until YGE breaks above $36---
then Hold PBW---

Spending side economics---

Here’s another blunder---
Detroit’s V8---BAN – IT---
or stick a 45% levy on the seller---
Then tax the buyer- A pollution and health TAX-
for making the rest of us breathe his Smog----

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