Friday, February 08, 2008

W% and Slow sto + OSG / IYT short sell

I'm glad I was over at TK's (Tim Knight's site) today
He pointed out that IYT ( trans index) is about to crack::
OSG is about as strong as they get in that sector--
HUGE humongous ominous looking oil tankers is OSG's claim to fame
and look at it ( the chart) ---It's about to crack like an egg---
EGG soup coming---better not get any on you---
This OSG starts cracking then it will lend support to my QQQQ
chart down below

The market is struggling today---
I'm hoping this is not he fate of the QQQQ's
but I can't rule it out----
8 of the top ten QQQQ holdings look like they could head lower
re-test the recent low--which would put the QQQQ at a lower low--

Is this the short term fate of the QQQQ?

airline pilot training video:::: sort of funny—

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