Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100% gains in ABX and DBA call option trades, 30/50 DIA,XMI,QLD,QID,DXD

ABX is in the gold-mining Sector. DBA is agricultural products.
I like agriculture. It's price is skyrocketing due to higher oil prices.
I don't think the higher oil prices are going away till Big Ben stops cutting interest rates.
The fed might have to go to 1% interest rate.
Sort of like Japan's 0% interest rate, caused by their Real estate bubble.

Oh it's just ashame that the new people to the blog don't understand the power of these signals---the 30/50's----
MY god---are these GREAT OR WHAT!!!!!

MY whole life I never thought I'd see these 30/50's on the major Indexes---but here they are---
I found them in time too---usually I'm late in finding them---

For today’s music selection, I wanted to present
the all time great 60’s musician Leon Russell “ This Masquerade”
Only one Hitch. It doesn’t exist on You tube.
I have good people working on it, and in good time there shall be a Video there---
In the meantime, I hope you like this next selection.
It’s an all time favorite...at 3:50- yes- that’s a guitar.
The all time greatest futuristic Jazz music---
May I present to you---
PAT METHENY GROUP---“ Are You Going With ME? ( LIVE)

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