Friday, March 14, 2008

100% gains in the Stock Market, no problem KO,BTU,nyx

If you have been keeping up with me in the comments section this week-end, then you know what to expect the next 6 weeks---
Here’s DIA, and if you’re wondering why the support is at 11,280, then you didn’t read my comments section---
you can keep some IWM april 61 puts on the books---as a hedge against your long positions---

If you don't read my comments in the comments section
You will lose your entire portfolio by going long
at the wrong times---We are in a bear Market---
I finally have good
SPY eps estimates for Q4,Q1,Q2
Q1 is (-8.1%) eps growth and that doesn't include
XLV's 30% drawdown---

SPY the highest SPY can go Q1 2008 is 138.9
It's impossible for SPY to go above that
I taught this to myself
and my figures are back tested 1 1/2 years

BAC (08) eps = 3.79 X ( 8.9% 08/09 growth) = book* 33.73,
tested once---April 21st reports earnings--
If earnings are in line--and ( no more sub-prime declared)
BAC should find support at 33.73 ( all of 2008)
BAC / C have direct access to Fed funds, BSC does not---

My IWM puts went from a measly $167
all the way up to $340 in one day.
I wish you could have been there with me, on that trade.
BTU, CVX ( CVX 84 to 94)-- I like the way that rhymes!!!---

Let's do that

KO, doesn't have any sub-prime exposure,
I think---( you never know these days)

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