Tuesday, April 08, 2008


BIDU daytrade chart


RIO--you see on the BHP xy chart how high it has to go--before I can recommend a short on BHP--( thanks to MAS--BHP might actually get to that $87 target if he read the wires right---well anyway--
I think RIO does the same action as BHP--mainly goes way above the xy upper trend line (38) ---It sure has the 08/09 eps to do so--
I better go tell that poster at TK's he is messing with FIRE with --RIO short right now--

I better liquidate my MAY 40 short that I put in right at the last minute--
I got worried and went and calculated RIO target price, and concluded " (how stupid was that)

SNE waiting for retest last low--
TM waiting for RSI 30.9 might not get that---
BHP--I really don't trust the xy chart--I'll wait for a double top at 87 or so--I think the upper trend line might turn into the support line--short term--
CLF--good luck TV107 at beannies--
I wonder if he ever figured out how to get to my site?

CTX didn't have a clear short sell signal on the XY chart --but RYL did--so RYL confirmed CTX short--
BVN wow it gets down to $74 or so--and I'm in, might have to go with MAY 70 calls

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