Thursday, April 10, 2008

HAL SMH GE INTC xy chart


GRMN TARGET PRICE ( 2008) = $73, AT LEAST = 61% GAIN
got any under-performers in that IRA?


GE--ON MAR 17 BLOG It was a short sell--Now GE is around the 200 day at 37--The sub-prime exposure definitely puts them back under 200 day for awhile--
INTC, just not quite to the trend line--probably fails anyway, cause SMH is finished-- short the market--
cause QQQQ is tanked / finished--
It's true --sometimes one stock / index (this time SMH) gives me the short the market signal
SMH MAY 31 PUT chart --FOR tiny tiny amount of SPECulaion --SMH MAY 32.5 is better

HAL SMH xy short sell signal
xy trend lines are designed by a complicated algorithym--
after doing my own analysis--If this chart type matches my own charts
( see past charting, two weeks ago)
I post this chart, because
It's easy for newbies to read---

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