Friday, April 04, 2008

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EFA --some sort of overseas asia index---i think it contains banks---

BBBY and CC report earnings next week--Those two are going to be ugly

NEM uh oh looks like NEM is down on Monday--
but I did want to get in again---I suspect NEM will take three weeks to gear itself for a 22 day straight up advance to $60-65
Those Gov't checks might be the catalysts---USD going up and RTH going up at the same time--and RTH bringing GDX up too--


Here's the important comments I made last 3 days---Important in the sense that i name numbers and take prisoners---
AA reports tomorrow--41.20 if market uses (2009 eps)
AUY--gold--i think it will stay in it's 13 to 17 price channel, i doubt AUY will retest $11—
CLF is a tough stock to short sell--just look at it's chart--I never try that one--
CTX short at $27--downside is $30, but The losses are
increased to (-$16) from (-$14) a share --that sort of cancels out $30-
FDX eps est--down 19% from NOV—so subtract 19% from last high and that’s probably the current high—
FXI might try for 154 = 200
GDX at $57--before tyring to short your $XAU
GE fall? well that means yesterday was it's quarterly HIGH--
GS ever at $210--It's for sure short---
08 eps is 16.52-- so below 165.2 or so it's over sold--
GSK eps trend hasn't really basically changed all that much so 200 day = 49--easily attainable --BUY on the dips—
IYR failed at the 200 day—keep shorting at 200 day
IWM I think IWM 72 is still the top--
JPM reports april 16th--8am---If the market is still going up thru april 16th--that'll be a down day probably--
MA eps trend today--and MA is going to a newly high---
NEM goes to all time high --probably in MAY—
RIG has enough eps trend to make a new yearly high---
RTH looks like the fail is at 98.69 = 61.8%--
SLX at new yearly high and only at RSI 65---
95 now and RSI 71 would = 102
SNP reports monday--chinese oil company---
eps is trending down--( was $10 now $9.4) so it might tank-
SPWR support = 86 = 200 day--It just crossed above 200 day--which makes it bullish—
X I posted at TK's that 140 was probably the short sell price for X--I guess that got taken out--
XHB in my opinion has no business being at $24--
should be back at $15 or lower--
so the i'll buy the 38.2% fib—24.5 approx

I retrieved all comments from my Disqus main page---

MTH = short now--

click on option symbol for pop up option chart--
somedays this feature is off-line

IOC they are supposed to product launch in 2009--
their product is deep sea gulf water ---OIL---

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