Wednesday, June 25, 2008

RIMM,GR, HON < BA XLI etc naud OSK

OSK--a mental lapse---I forgot to check off on where XLI was situated, before I made all these XLI recommendations, this past week----

$NAUD---even though it's at the top---it's not saying to short sell, imo

GR, there's always another way to find the correct entry price, after I've been stopped out. GR didn't go along with retail ( RTH) . Instead, it's going with XLI---SO, now it's easy to figure out when GR will bottom. GR bottoms when XLI at RSI 30.2--- I give trade this 5 to 1 odds of making money --by buying GR at XLI = RSI 30.2---
5 to 1 means--You put up $1,000 and I put up $5,000 and you bet me that I'm wrong---

RIMM misses by 1 cent--might as well been by $1.00, considering the worthless P/E the market gives this stock--look for much lower prices, in the next few weeks

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