Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SMN gains strenth--steel stocks lose strenth- RTN eps

“Some lady ask me, what do you do?”

“I trade deriviatives. For $500, I get to control $5,000 worth of stock. But, every day the loan sharks come and take 5% or 10%. AND THEN, the loan is only for 30 to 50 days. So, if the stock doesn’t take off, I really take a hit on all that interest---“

“OH wow, I get what you do !!!! ”

RTN--I CALL IT " EPS ON FIRE " I don't have any better description !!!


Steel stocks--if you are trying to buy steel stocks, if you wait one extra day--you can probably pick it up cheaper--steel stocks are in a down trend--
This should add strength to SMN soon--

What's wrong with TSO in 25 words or less---
TSO Each $1.00 change in natural gas price will impact the company by approximately $100,000 per day--The co has closed its crude derivative positions associated with this strategy and we expect second quarter earnings to be negatively impacted by ~ $125 mln.

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