Sunday, July 27, 2008

FOMC is AUG 5th, + option price history EIX

Fantasy account,
I've tried to match volume with what the cost of the option costs___
send me an email, ( use Kontacter widget, or that other Huge thing) and I'll send you an invite and you can try your skills at fantasy trading__
daily prizes__

Practice Account__
I have 30 days to beat the guy in first place__ he has a $172,000 lead __
They reload the contest in Sept___$50,000 first prize__ I wish they had options__-I could snuff him in 30 days



EIX I think the bottom is 46.8 plus or minus 0.06 cents

I finally organized some of my utility companies__I've only included the ones with good option price history__
I still have another 30 to look at but here's these ones.
I've put my Z short hand notes on each chart__-
T2 is two weeks to go before options expire__
anyway, I hope you have records like this
I call them "option price history"
If the stock goes up, will the option price move up?
That's what has to get answered, on each strike___
all these work at the strikes I've outlined


Private Club Offer

Each Pledge ($250 minimum) will be construed as a personal loan.
Each time the account reaches $1,000 in profits, the account will promptly tender cash at an 11%. Rate.
$250 X 11% = $27.50 ( basis = 10 pledges)

EMAIL ME !!! anytime