Friday, September 19, 2008


VIX, for the entire life of this blog,
I have never been wrong about the VIX.
It's true. Maybe,it's good empathetic observations.
VIX will reach $40 I said two weeks ago, on the last VIX post,
and no-one believed me.
Why is that, do you think?
Is it because "Anne of Green Gables" is my all- time favorite movie?
Oh man, I have to post some mo' Youtubes on "Green Gables"
Vote Anne #1 Movie.

XLF,JPM,higher? no jobs, no way, start building infrastructure.
(Nat gas pipes, Wind power transmission lines, Solar on every house, etc.)
You know who "pays" for that right?
People with 25mil+ a year is who pays.
Like J McCain and co., who is so determined not to part with a single dime.
Think about that, in Nov.


QQQQ gapped up and yet the NAUD came down. I don't get it.

TOL, housing,Gov't intervention will help, but there's still a million unsold--So that's not going away, until someone creates 2,000,000 more jobs. Put your thinking caps on WOMEN ( not your emotions) and manly guys too !!!, when you vote in NOV.

JWN, Nordstrom's, just a good short retail stock to try and short at the regression line.

FDX, global slowdown is hurting FDX, short anytime it pops up.

HOC --leading gasoline refiner along with VLO, is really trying to get to $39, and with USO so low, at the moment, HOC will probably get there. I'm shorting it, when it does. Gasoline is still too expensive, so there's demand destruction.

JCI , closely tied to GM, sinking ship.


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