Friday, September 12, 2008

XLB,FTO , GDX I called the bottom exactly. I'm about 80% right on GDX, for some reason.

XLE, is usually up on Monday and down on Tuesday. If XLE is up on Monday, watch out for the morning dip and late positive close, then XLE will have reached my short sell target on Monday, if indeed Monday plays out that way.
DZZ , the double short on gold stocks, just looked to strong to short gold stocks today, so forget it, I think gold stocks are going higher on Monday, just on evaluation. They all got too low on their prices.
BUY GOLD between $720 and $730 ( yesterday's blog)
NICE !!!
GDX new price channel chart? ( yesterday's blog just nailed it)


FTO, here's my plan, what's yours?
If FTO goes above 24.6, then I will give up on trying to short FTO,
and just suffer the losses.

If you follow my charts and my Disqus comments,
My Sept record just went higher to 36W and 6L
I'm already calling HOC short, a loss
cause I missed the entry today by 3% and got stop lossed.
And now here I go with another refiner FTO.
Somebody shoot me.
I'm not inspiring a lot of confidence in these trades, I suppose.


BG the two days I went long, even though I won, It seemed like I lost, cause I exited at $2 profit, when both days there was $5 profit to be had.
Same thing with WFR, I exited the trade a $1 too early.

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