Tuesday, October 14, 2008


NAUD, looks like QQQQ Thursday could be up, but if the QQQQ goes up, then down, I'd say the NAUD would be in a buy position for FRI.
It looks like the NAUD is in buy position right now, but these aren't regular times. Best to be cautious.
There's that little gap to fill on the top two oscillators W% and CCI. I'd like it if those were at a really deep trough.

INTC, down but not OUT---YAY---
INTC KO's the big bad bear___

There were literally hundreds of stocks did what CCJ did today.
Failed at the BB13 middle band, including the Major indexes, DOW,SPY,QQQQ
This is why I am one of the better trader's on the internet.
My chart system, lets me see the risk I'm having to deal with, ahead of time.
I also have lots of DIsqus friends On my Main Disqus site, that I follow, who are way sharper than me, and they point out risks as well.

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