Friday, October 17, 2008

UAUA,V,RTH option price history

Earnings Tuesday OCT 21

Earnings Monday OCT 20

UAUA, next week Opec has an emergency meeting. I can't figure out if CAL and UAUA will reach their 200 day, where I'd try a short sell. I'm going with the UAUA NOV 15 put.
CAL put strike is buy the $700 one if they have a put strike selling for $700..CAL's OTM and ATM is all messed up.

Can you imagine how strong the banking sector will be, (what little of it that will remain), once they turn the corner and start posting profits again?
The ones still standing will have very little competition. The Next bull market will be a big one, because the S &P is heavily weighted in financials

V, when I saw V at 55 I bought the NOV 60 PUT 7.20, the put closed at 9.05, so Hopefully V doesn't gap up on Monday, and I can collect some of my profits.
I used the BB 13 2 middle band for direction.

RTH, I was going to go short, but I'll wait for a better signal___
The OTM options aren't working at all- neither is the $3.00 priced one. there's a 3 day time add coming due to the weekend, so those OTM are going to get punished just on Weekend Time Decay.
Most stocks I've been looking at ( over $35)___have the same problems with their strikes, so Try to stay DEEP in the Money $1100 strikes

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