Sunday, October 12, 2008


VIX, in order to short sell it, through options, You'll have be right guessing the price movement per two day periods for swing trading.
I'll be watching the NOV and DEC strikes with the most volume and most option price history.
On the NOV 37.5 PUT I like the $2 swing in price per day, per $12 siwng in price on the VIX--
Time decay penalty is probably in rapid mode, so Keep lowering your entry price each two to three day period. ( I'm guessing about that the best I can, The $2 price channel / per $12 move, might hold up per 5 day period.)


Back in July the market didn't have VIX 70, so KBH was able to recover in 5 days.
I don't think this is the case in today's environment.
I'm not even sure if the KBH double bottom is the Low.
I've noticed in the past, that housing stocks get treated the same as commodity stocks.

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