Wednesday, November 05, 2008


VIX, here's one possible outcome from the endless possibilities that actually exist in a metaphorical future dimension. ( Time will Tell)
VIX at the 20 day go long the market. You can thank me later, for nailing this one.

With signals like this, it's a wonder that everyone isn't in the stock market

SPWRA , lowered estimates by 17% in AH yesterday. I don't think today was the go long price--It usually takes a while ( 5 days) for the market to determine a low for a stock after the company issues a warning.

Growler does some great charts



I'm on the sidelines today, cause all the charts look like SMN to me today. I can't tell what to do. One day of waitng won't hurt. FRI is a down day probably, cause of employment report, so I can throw the darts on Thursday and whatever stocks they land on,I can short those.

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