Friday, November 07, 2008

DIA, long term, CLF,NDAQ group, ,UNG,MO

DIA, I'll go with this long term scenario, till someone smarter comes out with a different one.

Zstock7 is coming, and there will be a lot more option price history at that site.
Most investors lose 30% overnight or over the weekend, ( even when the stock price goes up) cause they don't know a stocks option price history.
here's the one for CLF

here's the rest ( 8 more) the economy charts
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NDAQ, is it lagging the rest of the market, or is it setting up to retest the recent low, where I will be a buyer of all of these__CME,NYX,CME,ICE,GS
keep in mind C and BAC retested their recent lows and so far so good, they bounced off them.

VIX, this was a big winner, cause almost every stock went up 4 to 10% the next day.
SEPT blog record really was 76 wins and 1 loss___and NOV is starting to look like SEPT record.

Nat Gas supplies start dwindling, the colder the weather gets. Tell me something. Are you wearing T-shirt's or long sleeves when you go out at night?
This dwindling supply leads to higher UNG prices, which lead to an energy rally, which leads to a SPY rally, which leads to a Jolly NOV. Happens every year, since Jesus Time.

MO I like the steady as a rock price channel

SPY Composite trade. $53 low. A percentage of that Probably happens in Jan time frame.

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