Friday, November 14, 2008

SUN,ATK,M3 money supply,USD,VIX,FXP,SMH

SUN EPS upgraade, will really help the other refineries. look for FTO,VLO,HOC,TSO to benefit as well.

ATK, Doesn't get any easier than this. I can post gems like this all day long. zstock7 is coming, and posting these types of trades is the plan.

M3 money supply, How do you strengthen the dollar? You stop printing them, and the ones that wear out, you burn them. ( no,no, I don't know how M3 comes down )

VIX, I wish some of my long time readers would tell the new readers, that they can't remember the last time I got VIX wrong. ( at least refresh my memory, cause I can't remember EVER getting the VIX wrong)

USD, I try to follow the $USD news the best I can (it's still mysterious, I just know the Higher USD goes the lower oil goes) , but on a technical basis, the FIB 38% worked a couple of times in the past.

FXP 2 charts---this one is ( forget today's bull hammer signal) and the 2nd one is, use today's bull hammer signal--

Uh-oh, FXP has a real bull hammer. I never try to short sell a real bull hammer. Looks too scary to short. I'll short FXP at the BB middle band. That's a great short sell signal--look at the vertical down steepness or the BB mid band--that signal works 85% of the time on a stocks first attempt to go above that. That means 85% of the time a stocks first attempt to go above the vertical down BB mid band, the stock won't do it.

SMH coin toss for an overnight long, going into MON--
If I can get SMH for about 4% lower, I'd go for that.

$21 Billion saves 1 million housing loans. 5X that and the bear market is over. Neil Kaskary is your anti-christ. He’s at the treasury and just hands out the money to all his friends.
Here’s the downside to saving all these loans imo. Banks on every corner will disappear. Who cares, I don’t mind driving further to get to a bank. And I don’t mind if I have to stand in a longer line.
This is what he’s trying to avoid? “Long lines at the bank?” Give me a break. Send this guy to the electric chair for stupidity.
The only regulation you need for home loans---is a 20% down payment!!! No exceptions. That's why you lose all the corner ( 7-11) banks.
By the way, the 5X amount I'm talking about, exactly equals the pork barrel spending Congress added to the Bailout package.
Bottom Line__
Congress does not want to save you, the planet, or this market. You are on your own.

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