Friday, November 28, 2008


TOL,RYL,MTH,KBH all became household words to me during the housing boom years. It's gotten to the point where I can usually decipher the chart signals fairly accurately. Today, housing stocks were following commodity stocks. That came as no surprise to me, because in the housing boom days, Housing stock prices were always emulataing the XLE prices.

I decided to retrieve an old VIX chart with the Fib lines. I don't know if the FIB lines are any help with the VIX. ( Old in this case is two weeks ago. In this business, that's usually ancient , although I do have charts that try to project 3 month's out. Someday, I'll have to separate those out from the pack.)
I mainly like to watch the Moving Averages on the VIX, for an up or down vote. The VIX is still high, so everyday, I get up anticipating 300 point swings in the DOW. I wonder how many traders are finding this to be the norm?

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