Monday, October 17, 2016

NFLX up on slim earnings

NFLX make money on the way down---this is a gap and crap---$125 double top is unsustainable, imo. -=-short NFLX at the open, or wait 20 minutes after open, or wait till the next day for a possible, 125 island top.....entry.price won't really be that important, when 100 is the exit. lots of room to maneuver in the short. what's the time frame on the 100 exit? i'd say give the puts at least 2 month's till expire. This market can keep any stock afloat for a long long time (and usually does).-=--=-=-=-=-= UVXY looks ahead at 2 month's of volatility. if the first month ahead looks volatile, then UVXY, up, but if the second month forward looks bullish, then UVXY gives up some of that up. so in any 2 month period, the s and p has just ripped higher, everytime---thus UVXY keeps falling to 5...

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