Monday, November 21, 2016

Calculate A few Target prices, And that extrapolates the next SPX HIGH

If i run the calculations on 4 or 5 major stocks, and determine their target price. I can use those price points, to determine the next high for the SPX---- GS high is somewhere between 210-220.... so I'll have to run 4 more stocks, and see where that points to, and I'll give you the approximate SPX high, that those prices point to. SPX has, made it to my 2200---can it do 2300? i'd say probably, because the earnings in Q3 beat the estimates, by at least 4%, and possibly 6%---if i add 4% to last Q's high 2180's , i get 2267----adding 6%, i get 2310----so 2267-2310, is very possible.

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