Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Old Site, zstock7.com

U guys remember my old site zstock7.com. It was hacked into, and the webhosting company, had to shut me down, cause of bandwidth usage, 35,000 ads a day, was going into the comment sections, and it was a sophisticated ad-bot, because not even they, Lunarpages, could figure out how to stop this blackhat outfit... well today, i found out, If i hadn't been hacked, and the site had remained open, IT WAS WORTH $4,000----Apparently That site was listed on a lot of other sites, that drove an unusual amount of traffic to my site, daily---which in turn gave it a net value of $4,000. ah well, too bad....SO maybe, I MIGHT TRY AGAIN, WITH A SITE CALLED "NEXTSTOCKTRADE"----

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