Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ann Coulter vs. Francisco Hernandez ( mexican BEGGAR) on Immigration Battle

The humanitarian crises of the world will be over, when everyone in the world lives in a mansion. The US and the western allies having building global infrastructure for 50 years, enough is enough, it's time for these countries, to stand up for themselves, the best they can. in the meantime, the US is going bankrupt, under the illegal immigrant welfare program. They get here, by walking, then need everything provided for them, and that money comes directly out of Social Security, and that makes most US senior citizens on retirement, out there scraping for pennies. Current gov't will not let you know the truth, and you know this. Here's some truth---and it got repeated in the 2016 elections. Ann Coulter is so much better at explaining this---i suggest you take a peak. n Socisl Security Build the wall, and as an added feature, put Tanks on the border. Stop illegal immigration...

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