Saturday, December 24, 2016

Trump 1/3rd of his plan (taxcuts) has visible results already

"""close the border""", this stops the dilution of the social services pie----"""raise tariff's""", this stops cheap imports, which is good, cause cheap imports break too soon. obsolescence is a very real drag on any economy, especially a retail economy. """lower taxes"""-most have seen the dow's response---$1.4 trillion pushed the dow to 20,000---everyone inside the border gets rich!!!!*********************The social services pie getting bigger, for US Citizen's---that helps the local economy, by giving the retired and disabled a bigger monthly check. Deportation will help the U.S. social services pie---in a tremendous way, and I'm all for that.--For instance, did you know the mexicans over whelmed the section 8 housing, and most section 8 programs have closed their doors to everyone--- and now most U.S. CITIZENS on SSI are homeless, because rents are out of their reach, and most SSI money goes to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS----**********************I'm trying to wake you UP----I think it's time you WAKE UP!!!!

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