Tuesday, January 31, 2017

ALGO's leave a footprint.

reverse engineer the trading algo---i can almost do this with falling knives---(price and time)- time is the more difficult part to recognize. (amount of Time, being entry price levels--- going to the exit price) a V recovery is one day for entry price level---because i had to get in right away, before the stock was already making a recovery to my exit target....Then there's 30 days of accumulate, price pattern---where the stock is stuck in a narrow channel, then heads higher.
bitcoin back to 960
 back up---after exactly bouncing off its fib retrace price----go figure....after next high---will do it again---been doing it, since 60 cent----go figure----16 million coins limit---and price acts like human nature- go figure
 US has effectively dumped nash game theory, as an economic guidepost, for avoiding nuclear war, therefore, nuclear powers, must be able to stand on their own two feet, by themselves too! it's about time, the last 50 years were just brutal, trying to build up the rest of the  nuclear powers, so that they could stand on their own 2 feet----my wild a guess..

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