Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Department Homeland Security, retired General John Kelly

...restart legal enforcement which penalizes law-breaking employers and deters migrants. That initial labor-flow success may be enough to start a virtuous cycle, because Kelly’s improved border security can free up American jobs for unemployed Americans. The additional employment of Americans can reduce poverty and the demand for drugs, which will reduce pressure on border officers, helping his deputies further shrink the importation and sale of Latin American drugs. In turn, a reduced drug trade will put more pressure on governments in Mexico and Central America for the reforms needed to aid their domestic economies that could further reduce the northward movement of labor and drugs. The same cycle operates on the southern side of the border, where greater emigration and the drug trade strip Central American countries of their young men, and then saddle them with drug money, high crime, corrupt governments and low investment. Cheap-labor migration and the drug trade are bad for the United States — but are catastrophic for Central America and Mexico.---continue reading

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