Sunday, January 29, 2017

JFK protest and Swedish vacations

How many of you have vacationed in Sweden Lately?
If YES, will you be going back?
Pass  that question around the JFK airport, and then
see how quiet the room gets!

Sweden ‘Facing Collapse’ Thanks To Migrant Influx, Foreign Minister Warns


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 If you were doubling down, and wanting to infuse as much cash into the trump economic plan (close borders, raise tarrif's, lower taxes, cut costs)---how much would it be, to give the plan a fighting chance? a dow top, where a 5 to 10% pullback, wouldn't cause a panic--- 2.2 trillion already pumped in, would it be $5 tril---or 23.5+K dow top, ---(if you had to double down, how high, before its safe, to sell a little off the top, again?) 

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