Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fed's "ALL IN" on the Trump Train!

It's meant we've had a great deal of job -- job creation over these years. And there could be -- there could be room left for that to play out further. In fact, look, policy remains accommodative.
We expect further improvement in the labor market. We expect the unemployment rate to move down further and to stay down for the next several years.
So we do expect that the path of policy we think is appropriate is one that is going to lead to some further strengthening in the labor market.
imo----Yellen's expecting more nations to build factories here, taxes to come down, the border to be secure, and tariff's against monopolistic enterprises ....
Accommodative--in this case means if congress, messes with trump, in any way shape or form, the fed's will begin lowering rates, and ask for MORE QE!
 it's not easy keeping up with trump, but here's the latest figures. $3 trill in the stock market, best ever, $400 bil in new jobs, , announced being deployed.... all the industrial countries are moving businesses here....

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