Monday, March 06, 2017

TGT buy at 53-56

TGT missed earnings by 4%, but eps was down trended from 5.51 to 4.25 or 21%....
$78 recent high- minus 21% = 61.62
65-66 area looks to be the last resistance area , or 17% under $78---
using ABCD price points, A78-17%= B 65- C17% = D56---so 56 to 65 is my guess for the price channel going forward...
shorting 65 in the future, is a good entry---
61.62 might be the next high to short---we'll see. ( that would make the buy in 53'sss
TGT next price channel 53-56 low 61 1/2 -65 high
i'm favoring 56 to 65, but have 53 support number 2, against me
for some reason costs went up 21% (suddenly)----i guess analysts are pricing in future chinese tarriff's, is my guess.
so, target sales people can get let go (low pay), and, can go work for manufacturing target products, (higher pay)
Edited: March 6, 2017 10:26AM

 if i was put in charge of the party, i wouldn't let a correction or a pullback happen, in the first 100 days!!!!!
Trump Train Bathroom Graffiti.
if so, then sell in may, walk away, long hot summer, filled with protest/ riots, and lots of missile tests. (and heck, maybe a CA. dam crashing)

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