Sunday, July 16, 2017

bitcoin hard fork Aug 1

so, if 1,000,000 bitcoins are mined a year---that's a 7% contagion, in the first year----6.5% approx contagion, 2nd year----etc.---so MAX hit is 7%---take 2100 - 7% = 1953----next buy low----ON BU
the other bitcoin fork, the seg wits, will be too slow to compete, at transaction speed, and will simply over time, disappear.
 they can't seem to get the healthcare bill passed, which is holding up the tax cuts---six month's after the tax cuts---the big banks will wonder, if the gov't can really pull in enough revenue---"taxes" to keep operating----OCT 2018 is when they begin to ask this question, and that's when, VIX 54 comes to the door---that's my analysis, and i'm sticking to it!

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