Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GT quad top at 30, looks like a good short...GT 35 PUT ..100 day 200 day is first day over 200 day and 100 day is just 50 cent higher...I think GT fails when GM fails, and GM probably fails tomorrow, when GDP is 3.5%, and the market will probably be disappointed that that means NO more interest rate cuts, for a while...

Another GM related stock is NUE, if you think GM is going to tank, then short sell NUE, and besides NUE is at 200 day, and probably fails at 200 day...

here's my reasoning, these companies are coming from so far under their 200 day, that they just can't break above that resistance, and a wise trader once told me, once a company goes below it's 200 day, it's bearish
last week i said wait for SPG short at 102 / 103,now look it.. down..$5..

Weakness in gold stocks, so maybe same weakness tranfers to titanium.. I bought the RTI least has to retest 50 day= 72 or so..and it’s a prime candidate to fail at the 200 day, seeing how it issued profit warning, back when RTI was $88..

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