Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tsco odfl hog

TSCO, Mid west grocery chain, there’s nothing wrong with TSCO, it seems to correct falling knife style and then rebounds right away, so buy today and tomorrow and THURS GDP should make it bounce higher., kind of like ICE at 123 is an auto buy, well TSCO at 45 is mostly an auto buy..

Tomorrow Durable goods order = neg. 2.5%, that probably hurts INTC and WHR, that’s why I’m not in such a hurry to pull the trigger on ODFL and TSCO, today, but i will tomorrow..

BUYING ODFL OCT 22.5 call , company makes 2.04 / 2.43 ...07/08 a share, and is back in the mid 20”s , i can easily see this stock getting back to $26...EPS hasn’t changed for 7 month’s.. so it’s on track...trucking , shipping and transfer..

CAH buy now probably
NTRI buy now
LM buy at another dollar or so down
watch HOG,WHR,BDK...they are buys next one or two days.


oozze said...

are you still short sell AUAU?
I got a chance to go in this morning (made a little profit), but I held in overnight by accident.
Ameritrade screwed me!
i followed you on XLE 77 put option last friday, and somehow they excersize that on Monday. So, I ended up huge margin. I closed the position in the morning because I cant cover, then somehow they said they made a mistake today, put back my option and put back my cover to buy yesterday.
Fking pissed me off!
they ended up will mark it that i sold my put at 1.90 and plus 50 free trades.

well, better than losing.

It has not been agood year for me. Screwed so many times!! and when the time is better, broker screwed me!


Gio said...

Hey z...

I think you're a day or two early. Bulls control this market, and they could give a damn about economic data because there is no future event that depends on it (for example, the possibility of another rate adjustment). I'm with you though- this market is stupid.

Short term, they will start selling from the other half of the week (Wed-Fri), I say this because the Shanghai + FXI stocks will get kicked in the nuts very very very soon. The profit-warnings today had little effect because this week doesn't have that many companies reporting anyway.

Speaking of reporting, I'll be buying puts on BBBY tomorrow since they should come crashing down $30. What you think?

Oozze... thats some story. UAUA is a medium term short. You need to switch positions if it breaks $47. Bears are betting on that double top but you have to give it time to work.


z-stock said...

i must be SOS,,,stuck on stupid...i should have bought ODFL today...
and if TSCO down the OCT 45 call should cost around 1.25/1.80 and eventually go to 4.00...
when I post PUTS, buy the PUTS, they will have good signals, when I say buy Calls, like today's blog, has five recommendations., it means all of a sudden i realized the market is coated with teflon...nothing can bring down the market...it got hit with 4 major blows this morning and should have crashed 200 to 300...instead it ended up positive, which means the COT, commitment of traders really are long last week, and just like they said, would be long this week..
so go long...
ODFL = IYT stock same as UAUA, I'm long IYT...so UAUA dips buy it...

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