Thursday, October 18, 2007

BUY buy buy


EWBC, japanese customers, mostly, no blacks or misfits = good income...only top 1% income bracket need walk through these doors...'t= buy buy buy, I guess my readers will return now, that i'm posting BUYS instead of shorts, but some of my shorts paid double digits...

PCAR, NOT SUCH A clear buy signal, but it's a hot company....price is struggling a bit since the 2 for one split, which i s normal activity.

WHQ = OIH = HOT...

lots of great buys i found today ( yoda speak)

NMX has a cement bottom writtin in stone = 123...YOU MUST BUY AT 123 and sell whatever,,,, remember that NMX has put itself on the auction block and will never go below 123

on the weekly, NTRI is getting ready to go up $10, any time now

today, i suggested all longs and no shorts
anyone notice?

buyin NTRI nov 25 and 30 calls goes to 39 someday
Housing and banks are so close to the bottom, i can taste it

10/17 JCP NEW HIGH IS 63, HAS A 7 OR 8 PRICE CHANNEL...63-7=56
.....TODAY AT 57

FRE is a perfect falling knife, at 54.5 = two bottom , looks like the right entry price..

EWBC hot ca bank, asians / japanese
34.5= good support
qqqq will be $58 in dec

NOV 135 call NMX is sure active...2.20 at 123 , 2.90 at 126..
PCAR rsi 34, at 30.9 rsi im in
DNA short term high = 76 at 73 now..rsi 32, will wait one more day and buy the NOV 70 / 75 calls

Tomorrow’s earnings
CAT, SLB hot

Here’s 2 beaten down OIH companies HOT HOT HOT
WHQ and TDW, great long term buys at these prices
WHQ, will see $77 again, and TDW at $58 and reaches $ 66/ 68 easy, and higher
WHQ is probably a buy now situation ahead of SLB earnings tomorrow..NOV 55 call looks good


jet said...

How come beanie turn bearish? didnt make much sense. Nyx is doing well said...

beannie is so busy daytrading, he doesn't get the chance to see the whole picture...
It takes an 8 hour work day, to figure out the general market direction...
BUT he already sees me posting all these BUYS , so he'll get bull in a hurry
i got nothing but BUY BUY BUY signals coming IN and next few days
really good bottmom fishing stuff...
so far none of the major stocks are going under rsi 30, which is so totally great...
so the only problem is if overseas can keep it together, then should be smooth sailing on bottom fishing...

jet said...

What do u think of beanie's pick STV, zee? Hmm, beanie's long term picks are much better than his changing short term daytrade directions.

jet said...

Beanie is still extremely bearish (check his new post), I find his sentiment without much merits at this point, but I think he's just going with his gut feelings. There's no way the market will crash with all these good earnings.

Anonymous said...

With Cat's dismal outlook, I wouldn't expect much from PCAR. At one time they used Cat engines almost exclusively. I don't know about now.

jet said...

How did beanie know we were going to fall today? A gambler's intuition? said...

Every bank and retail stock is up in after hours, just like i thought
SPY 157.5 down to 149.6 = 5% correction,
DIA 141.8 down to 134.7 = 5% correction
I think that’s all the bears can get, is 5%
CAT is hurt by housing
PCAR is HOT, look for new yearly high
JCP upgraded in AH
Beannie, got lucky, plus BL.FRI is usually a down day, XLE and OIH PUTS saved me

HSI goes down less that 7.5% on SUN night, DIA will go up Monday
IF DOW down 30 on MON then TUES is the first day of the Xmas rally
Look for SPY to go to 1620 minimum,

i think it will bounce off 50 day, and we go straight into santa clause rally, right now...60yay/40nay, thats good enough to overide the presidential veto

ANON3.59 i give you a 30% chance of being right
Monday might be a collapse ( doubtful), which would just be too coincidental...both market crashes happen on the same day, 20 years apart

BA 94.0 looks good buying the BA NOV 95 / 100 calls
SPX 1503 = 100 day = support ,

BUY JCP hasn’t even budged last 150 points down... nov 50/55 calls
BUY NMX 124’s you won’t get a better price...nov 125 or 135 or 130 CALLS
Dia buy target met...135 4 = 50 day...BUY BUY BUY

XLF at 32.3= BOTTOM, almost there

SPY 149.8 = 50 day , hmmmm
WFR 58 looks terrible but $56 = 200 day and that’s 95% sure the support

JCP 55/56 target met BUY the NOV 50 CALL

EMAIL ME !!! anytime