Monday, October 22, 2007


LOOKS like banks are totally stable...just look at this perfect stable price channel
i think Big Ben succeeded in stabilizing the market with the 1/2% rate cut
this chart really looks good and if this hold then market bottomed and a little up and down and maybe the xmas rally starts in earnest

You know the xmas rally could propel the DIA to $150 +++++

QQQQ is 50% long and 50% short, that's what the COT says and commodities are dropping off the cliff..
So i guess the QQQQ stays range bound

This is a new equation i’ve been playing with
AAPL p/e = 39 at 145 = (last high)
AAPL profit up 67%
39 + 67 divide by 2 = 53
so AAPL trades at the new 53 p/e = 205 target price
so i’ll see if this happens, or if any major brokerage raises target to 205
go here and see $205 target price yourself
[P/E = 39 was calculated using 3.76 (07 eps estimate) times 39 = 145 ( last high)
profit up 67% was what AAPL reported in it's earnings report

CAT is probably a short
Testing 200 day at 72.3 and last low was 70, and eps got shredded, last week, so i favor a retest at $70 or lower
I mean there’s no way i would buy CAT at RSI 37, so that must mean, it’s going down some more
I think VIX is a H & S pattern, could mean,Single digit VIX, by december

When I post
COT at 50/50
That means 50% of the biggest investment institutions are LONG and 50% of them are Short
So to me that means neither side wins
NTRI is exactly following WTW, they do that sometimes
The good news is this...WTW is back the truck in at $51= 200 day...and WTW at $52 today and holding, which is in and of itself a buy signal

SLB AT 93 = 0.38 fib= BUY AT $93...

PTR = FXI, not XLE, even though it’s oilVLO = gasoline, which will go to $4.00 gallon, the pundits say, is at it’s 200 day...looks like a good entry point.

BANK SECTOR HAD IT'S FIRST UP DAY, so buy on the dips, this week and sell right away...look for 2% up down up down days ,,,narrow channel, rest of the week, NOV gets here and market might skyrocket

NMX.. gets bid on this month and you'll be sorry you didn't buy at least 25 present NMX range bound 123 thru 135, that's still good money...AI'm playing Nov 120 thru 135 calls


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

that needs to wash out his mouth, so he was deleted
I have my millionaire friends visit this blog, so just keep that in mind when posting comments here
most are Christians, so they do not approve of foul language.
Zee said...

comment deleted did make a good point
SHORT QQQQ at 53.6 or 54.1 = rally over
I'm going with this because COT is 50% long, so where are the other HUGE MONEY GUYS
they are 50% short on QQQQ
so i think QQQQ is trapped...
between 20 day and last highs
zee said...,ABK,BAC,MA,BEN,AXP,COF,ewbc,STI,WM|B|B14

this whole group is near the bottom, especially the falling knives
banks, credit$bkx,UBB,PNC,FITB,CIT,CYN,SIVB,UB,WM,DIA|B|B14

this group of banks / financials are near the bottom too
except those under RSI 30...they may go down another 3 or 4%, then they will be at the bottom..
zee said...

i remember ten days ago, i was a short sell king, except nothing would stay down more than one day
well now I think this is the other extremme
anything up won't stay up for more than one day
they will eventually keep going up
because my shorts eventually, kept going down

Trading Goddess said...

Bottom fishing here, z?

Anonymous said...

YOu would be surprised if bkx goes below 99 ? Your easily surprised im assuming, after that world is coming to an end with your buddy bean, last weekend , your a flipper, straighten out your act ,,,,What happened to a crash of epic proportions ? lol , You 2-guys should be selling snake oil to the public when your short, did you cover immediately monday morning , you guys make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Your new nicknames are DEAN AND JERRY , you are jerry and bean is dean , your his little follower, you 2-guys are a joke with your flip flopping , like watching a fish out of water, keep up the good work , bean +zee= dean +jerry= comedy team of EPIC PROPORTIONS !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to pull your head out of beanie,s ass every once in a while and see whats going on , on the homefront homie,, you ass kisser JERRY. said...

dang anon
that was one heck of a mass goof up i did...

i did short the QQQQ at 54.17 today
cause that's what the COT = biggest gorilla's in the room said to do,
hope you did the same

zee said...

hey TD
i like your blog
great pics / picks always
it may look like bottom fishing, but , Yeah, it's bottom fishing...
at least the market is stable enough to probably succeed at some of it

Unknown said...


Hang in there man!

Like I said, your intention are dead on, timing is just a little off.

Plus, I need to know what the hell I am doing.

NOV APA 90 puts made money, but I sold it for a loss :-(

I have been saying over and over on beanie that this is a correction to buy.

Unfortunately, beanie spooked everyone one out of another great buying opportunity on Friday.

I still think the market will go higher by year end, but want to see what Bernie will do on 10/31.

After that, I am ALL IN.

EMAIL ME !!! anytime