Monday, October 08, 2007

OCT 15, next week, banks report earnings, OUCH...

10:30 PST
Gary said...
Cot is still long. If you want a detailed report sign up over at the SMT.

i think you should line up some retail stocks to buy / execute thurs, ahead of FRI retail report ... at +0.5%, thats HOT HOT HOT!!!!

GARY,posts comments here, and at his site.
He is an expert at reading the COT reports, that’s why he has subsciption service
But he comments here
Gary says COT is bullish this week...this guy is so right, so often, he’s like money in the bank

I bought LDK at my $40 support and got next support is today's close, or 34 ish, 36 ish
Bought YGE at 28.0
BUY this stock on any dip, $32 is target, and $34/40 is not out of the park either.
NYX at 84.3= 200 day, looks like a great short sell signal, but i don't trust it...I think NYX goes above it's 200 day,
so if NYX fails tomorrow, then that means I had it right...
next time short NYX at 200 day = 84ish...

NIHD.. hit $67/ but held at $70, my target support... so it's a buy now...
IBB failed at $86 = $11 price channel, just like i said it would...
DNA reports OCT IBB might keep testing 86, a lot...
XLE failed, just like i said, at beannies on Friday...,
so I think this confirms Thompson financial, report that XLE is coming in negative, during OCT...look for XLE to test $70 = 50 day


  1. If XLE pulls back, that pulls back the S&P. If the S&P sells, so goes the stocks.. So, why buy LDK at all right now? Why not find other shorts? And what is the COT report? I didn't see a mention on his site..


  2. TSL getting pulled down by LDK, good buy here, zee? also picking up YGE...

  3. zee,

    weren;t u the one said a stock(like NYX) which is coming from a downtrend will never go above 200day in the first shot?

    also, isn't your max target on spy about 157? so why are you gettig bullish? just some thoughts


  4. You want to know how bad LDK is, then take a look at the chart.,PWTODANRBR[P][D][F1!3!!!2!20]&pref=G

    If 37 does not hold, then 34, then hell.

    AH is trading down 1.70 @ 35.80 which I hope is meaningless.

    I am praying for a gap up tmr.

    If TSL does not hold 52, it is going to 47.

    I am hoping to see 40 again as I got faked out.

    Not sure if it will get there, but it has been there 3x

  5. if you can catch any of these solar plays at the bottom, you will make a small fortune

    NYX, it's a short, but beannie freaked me out today. He said NYX is going to 100, but i think he's wrong...i'll wait a day or so, and see what happens. ( i've seen two companies CTSH or MSTR and SPG, break thru their 200 days....

    where there is one exception, there are sure to be others to follow...

    well im waiting for FOMC ( tues)and RETAIL on fri...
    Ben, probably says all the right things... and Retail report is on QQQQ going to rsi 75 / 80
    plus COT is bullish
    That just spells short sell next week....
    in the meantime buy some stuff on the dips....
    like YGE....
    YGE target is 32 and 34 and 40 and eventually $93.. It has the EPS ( 100% growth year to year) to get to $93... and is the fastest growing of all the solars...
    anytime YGE under 30 accumulate it...

    LDK, i don't think it's going to go up in a hurry, until the company re submits the inventory report to the SEC....

  6. COT
    = commitment of traders
    i'm not the right guy to be asking about it..
    i just know i can inuitively understand it, by getting the info from gary...
    except he makes everyone pay for the info,,,
    but if you go to lauristons comment section...\
    he'll give it a away there for free..
    or sometimes he'll post the info at TK's tim knights
    plus i cant remember the last time he ever made a bad call...he's a real pro's pro...
    you just have to catch him at other peoples blog site comment sections
    or if hes in a good mood, he'll post the info at his own blog site...

  7. Hey Zee,
    about Gary and the last time he made a bad call, WTF where you living in july2007???? On the moon?

    Gary called the start of a huge UP parabolic run just before the market tanked!

    He said the COT were screaming 'BUY'.
    And it was sell instead...

    He had a post on his website called 'He who hesitates is lost' to say people should get onboard immediately...

    Right after his call the market dropped like a stone.

    I think there is still some people out there looking for Gary's scalp...

    If this is how you accurate you are in your job as a trader, OMG...

    Be very careful in following Gary and the COT report, you may find yourself very poor very soon.

    Especially if you are not a BUY&HOLD investor. That is what Gary does, buy&hold.


    So do not use the Cot Report for trading.

    good luck

  8. Prayed for a gap up and got it to get out.

    Catching the bottom is very difficult. I left 14 pts on the table trading LDK, 7 up and 7 down.

    Just to show volatile the stock is or how bad I am at trading.

  9. zee,

    how could you say that we get a 5% pullback..

    like i said last time all bullmkt pullback during the uptrend are contained by 20day..20 day on S&P is 1519.which is around 2.5%

    also, there is buyers waiting out there to buy every dip..

    any thoughts?


  10. IN my defense, i didnt know about gary in JULY...
    thanks for the heads up on gary,
    he obviously can not short sell the major indexes...and i guess the COT people can't either... WOW...

    after all i do not see him correcting Tim Knight,(not so much lately) as i often have.

    2.5 or 5%..i can live with either one as long it means a particular stock tanks 15%....

    but can you imagine GS down 15%, BSC down 15%, C down 11%, on earnings day,
    if that were to happen, then last two weeks of OCT are going to be a never ending disaster..

    NYX, seems like it's failing at the 200 day...hmmm....
    what do you think roger?
    should everyone short it...coin flip time, i guess..

  11. APA target $93, almost there...short sell at $93, this will be my second attempt..$89 attempt back fired...

  12. will the person ( anon OCT 3) who said they were going to buy the ATI oct 115 call, please tell me how you knew ATI was going to $115 again
    great call....

  13. if i could catch up on my work,
    there are at least 20 short sells on the watchlist
    CAR is one...

    IIIN, just sticking to $15...getting ready to pop up, probably next week when everything else is crashing down around it...
    DID you see QID, almost hit my $36 support level

    RVX 200 day moved higher to 21.72, i better go change the title from 21.56 to 21.85 / 22.0 or so..

  14. How many times do you think APA will continue to fail?

    Took me for a scare the last time around.

  15. z,
    will MA go down?
    I still have my 155 oct put and a little bit unease now :)

  16. fortune8
    APA is driving me nuts...
    56 + 30% = 72..( june 06...and oct thru feb 07) .
    highest run yet...= 30%

    72 last significant low plus 30% = 93.6 = percent channel match
    = 80% success if i short at this price...
    so short at 93.6 / 94


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