Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WAG Drugstore, missed eps report yesterday, but multi year chart shows great support at $39 and WAG at $39 now..hmmm... i think it’s a buy.( at the very least, you won't get much better of a buy signal, than what's on the WAG WEEKLY CHART) .you can buy the NOV 40 calls 1.15, and the target price is a strong signal..= $42 = weekly 200 ma...first time WAG has ever been below its 200 ma weekly..

After some down days in the market, USO will do this

JOYG nov 50 put $1.65, tomorrow’s price $2.25

UPL, at $64, my short sell target price, will definitely test gap at $60, so there’s a $4 move, downside, might take a week or so...and 65 is yearly high, so i might be $1 or $2 off, but UPL, is a difficult company for pundits to evaluate, that’s why it goes to $45, every once in a while..

speculation buy
so far working good, last three weeks
NOC northrup,
by the way, H clinton says “ i dont think we can get all the troops out before 2013”...
So any way that backs up my NOC price channel, you should be buying the NOV 80 call and selling it for $2.20 /2.50 when NOC always gets back to $80...
i first listed this three weeks ago, and have since keep making money..( both ways).NOC at $80.. buy the OCT 80 PUT, and make $100 going the other way..

GRMN.. there's great debate, as to it's new low... i say 86 to 95...but GRMN will retest 50 day = 100, so any buys under $100, will eventualy result in a profit...


  1. Zee,
    Didint no if you check previous days comments so i doubled it.

    I got the Nov 50 joyg put at 205
    nov 55 aiz put at 210
    oct 90 apa put at 195 and
    wag oct 40 call at 75,
    will look at noc n oxy 2morrow
    Thanks Steve S

  2. hey steve that's hot...you have the same thing i have

    WAG is different..
    i bought the oct 37.5 call
    and WAG nov 40 call

    i switched out of WAG oct 40 call because i usually don't buy options once they sink below 0.90.( you should use that rule too) ....so i went ahead to Nov 40,

    i figure WAG might retest 39 tomorrow, so i should be able to get more..oct 37.5, since i sold that one at +$70 as a daytrade...

  3. MORE on that 0.90 option...
    it's been my experience that if I skip that one and go to the next month...
    I still get decent delta.
    and if the trade goes a little south, usually the $1.60 or $1.90 price only goes down to 1.15 / 1.35, where i can buy more and get all my money back
    I can't do that on 0.90 options...
    if i miss by 2 or 3%, there usually isn't enough time to get my money back.

  4. Replying from yesterday (or was it before?) why do you think YGE is like another FSLR, zee? Does something in the trendline tell you something? I nibbled a bit at 27 but didn't buy more when it went down, now I am beginning to regret it. ENER is doing nicely, slow but still nice. Remember I wondered if Bidu was a good buy when it was at 160, gosh I am so regretting I didn't act. But oh well, live and learn I guess.

  5. yeah JET
    i'm so happy for you...
    Now do what I do
    get OUT of the CLOUDS, fast man...
    there's another hill to climb....
    WSO at rsi 30.9
    SHORT IYR stocks, they are all thru...
    at least have one short going into friday's employment report, so what if market goes up 200, and you get stopped out...
    your calls should more than make up the loss...
    on the other hand, market tanks 400
    and you'll have that IYR short...
    that's about all i got on that...i personally think market goes up on Fri. but i've been swindled before, on those employment numbers..

  6. on BIDU i posted $300 to $330 target price... I researched "target price BIDU" on google search engine, and two or three articles later, i was convinced the money was going to push BIDU to $300
    you should start reading google searches target price It's great info, just remember some sources are trying to sell you a bill of goods, ( that's bad) and other sources, got the figure, right from the horses mouth...( that's good)...
    HEY if you start reading tgt prices, let me know some of them, too
    thanks..it'll be good to compare notes...yeah..

  7. YGE, JET, go research the EPS numbers YGE is 100% growth EPS 2007/2008..and if you find 2009 eps estimate, let me know
    2007 = 2.87
    2008 = $5.18
    2009 = $10 maybe
    and 2010 = $20?
    if I do EPS that way, I get to $1,000,000 share price awful quick...


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