Wednesday, October 03, 2007

IIIN IIIN at 15.5 look for $18 again..NOV 12.5 3.30/3.40..i’m 19 for 19 buying and shorting IIIN (steel)


Watsco, Inc., along with its subsidiaries, distributes air conditioning, heating, refrigeration equipment, and related parts and supplies in the United States
at $34, below $34 and set up some stops...
Re- enter RSI 25 or so...that neg slope 50 day, is slightly bearish
WSO,ZBRA..looking good, easy to read chart...looks like last month low is close to the support price..wait for RSI 30, or first up day, then buy the next day...
JOYG wearing cement boots today, sinking like a dead gangster...

ADP employment numbers, REUTERS...

"If you take the 58,000 and add some allowance for government employment,
Friday that is between 90,000 to a 100,000."
Friday is all or nothing, either the market goes up 200 or sinks 400...take your pick...

VNO , BXP, DDR , all failing at their 200 day, just as i predicted..
so im shorting IYR
NOV 82 PUT at 4.20 looks good...

I guess IYR is finished, so i wonder if market corrects now...hmmmm, my blog might be wrong about IYR and DIA connection..
i'll have to change to stick to individual stocks...

ZBRA..looking good, easy to read chart...looks like last month low is the support price..wait for RSI 30, or first up day, then buy the next day...

Accumulate WAG, good support at $39
JCP, it’s better to short individual stocks...I see JCP at $72 / $73, it’s a short...even $71 quad top, might work. No way $76 = 200 day...neg slope 50 day, is why..
Dumping part of ENER (25) , YGE (32), both reached my target...
Accumulate WAG, good support at $39
GRMN, don’t try to short, they may make a counter offer...


  1. Hey Z,
    I bought the ATI 115 OCT calls for $1.60. Do you think its a proper trade if I expect ATI to move to 115? If not can you please help me understand why it would not be a good way to play ATI.

  2. Zee, LDK tanks the solar, what do u know.., something new everyday, good thing u sold some YGE at 32.. see how it goes tmr may take another position at YGE... and TSL, I personally won't buy LDK...
    I'll take a look at those google target numbers when I get a chance.

  3. ANON, you're doing it right

    as long as the call stays above 0.95, play the price channel
    if 115 goes under 0.95, get out and try OCT 110 or NOV 100
    i really wish i understood why ATI is going back to $115...
    I'll have to take your word for it...
    next week or so, times up on OCT calls,out of the money (1.00 - $3.00) they have to be day traded...
    you will probably want to switch to NOV above $600 on ATI..

  4. JET
    last night i noticed HSI was down 2.8%, and i thought ..
    uh oh solar is going to eat it...
    well this morning they were doing fine, and then in late afternoon, they copied HONG KONG......
    So, i will remember that at all times...
    HONG KONG corrects and US solar, corrects too, only today it was super delayed...
    i'll post some solar charts tomorrow, buy ops...yes...
    LDK is down on accounting and inventory, miscount...should bottom fast and start another leg up, soon..
    LVS / WYNN is down, cause macau earnings in question by Morgan Stanley..
    i wish i had that news during market hours, i would have shorted both..
    probably have a lot more to come down

  5. Zee, did u hold the CSUN from 6? solars recover fast, no matter what happens, I guess we can expect LDK to repeat what CSUN does?

  6. zee,

    hey z do u think this run up in apa is a blip on the way down or did i just let 65.00 per contract go ? ( only have one oct 90 put at 195 )

    steve s

  7. z,
    I SHORTED MA, oct 155 put. What do you think about my position?


  8. steve
    APA 92 is the high, this cycle
    and energy stocks usually correct 2nd or 3rd week every month, or they gather steam and blow out all their last highs ( doubtful)
    so you should get your money back eventually

    here's what i just posted at beannies on LDK, you still have time to buy in after hours
    here's good news LDK
    Chinese solar wafer maker LDK Solar Co. Ltd. said Thursday an internal investigation -- launched amid allegations of financial wrongdoing -- found no problems with the company's bookkeeping.

    well I guess that means, LDK going to $58 and higher ...easy...
    and today was the low...

    MA OCT 155 long as PUT stays above 1.50 / 1.90, you're ok..
    i would have prefered you buy the NOV 170 PUT at $1400, that way if MA goes to new yearly high ( doubtful).. you can put in proper stops...
    CSUN, didn't see $12 out $high 7's

    LOOKS like beannie got all the solar right today...I should have bought on the dips...i'm just too cautious ahead of major economic reports...all solars will probably be gapped up in the morning, on LDK news...


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